Winding Creek Ranch Mercantile

More Than a Ranch

Winding Creek Ranch

Where cowboys and cowgirls come to rope good cattle, eat good food, and ride a good horse.

When it came to choosing a name for “The Mercantile”, it was quite simple. Our namesake ranch sits just 5 miles south of our brick & mortar, with a “winding creek” flowing through it.

Winding Creek
Calf following a horse

Rope and Ride

Practice Arena

Winding Creek Ranch has a 120’ x 170’ outdoor arena. It is set up for team roping and breakaway practice as well as dummy/ground lessons. We specialize in covered arenas and also in custom covered arena sales.

Come bring your own horse and ride and rope with us!



The Corriente is a small, agile, athletic animal with stamina, heavy horns, and a gentle disposition. These characteristics make the Corriente an ideal animal for Team Roping, Bull Dogging and an excellent choice for Cutting and Team Penning.

Corriente Cattle produce a lean beef that is surprising for red meat.
Studies have found, Corriente beef to have fewer grams of fat, cholesterol and calories than salmon, pork chops and of course, conventional beef.

Most importantly, it tastes delicious while being nutritious.

Corriente cow

Meet the Ranch Hands