Winding Creek Ranch Mercantile and Winding Creek Ranch

Top Core Technology


Our ropes are tested, tweaked and retested, and we believe they are the absolute best ropes going. Once you swing one, you’ll get it!

Get the rope that works for you!

Horse behind a tree, with Rope attached to saddle

Get the Rope that Works for You

Halo Rope


The Halo was built for speed. That means fast starts, fast throws. fast finishes and fast times. In short, this is the breakaway rope you’ve been waiting for.

Ringer Rope


The bright-yellow Ringer was made from a completely unique string, specifically sourced to provide a consistent, perfect feel and outstanding tip-weight. This rope brings the “wow-factor” and stands out for all the right reasons.

Ringer Lite Rope


The Ringer Lite is 4 strands of lightning designed to go exactly where you throw and to get there fast. It’s been expertly balanced for a feel and consistency that will supercharge every swing on every run.

Hand Lite Rope


The Hand Lite is small in diameter but packs a surprising amount of weight for its size. It was designed to give you a quick first swing and a consistent release. The heel rope’s weight gives it great body and balance.

Desperado Rope


The Desperado was meticulously designed and built from a specific blend of hand sourced fibers never before used in a rope. We gave immense and equal consideration to both the 5-Strand head rope and 4-Strand heel’s construction. No matter which side of the box you swing from, you’ll have everything you need to get the job done.

Drover Rope


The Drover calf rope is expertly made in America from a texturized poly material. It has very little stretch, plenty of weight and low crowns that gives this 4-strand core rope a smooth feel that requires very little maintenance.

Ranch Hand Rope


Our 38′ ranch rope was built to keep up with the hard working ranchers that use it. So it’s durable and reliable. It comes with an extra-soft lay, has a standard 3/8″ diameter, and is 100% nylon.

Nickel Rope


Five, 100% nylon strands combined with our new core material provides great tip weight, which translates to a very fast rope. The Nickel has extremely good grip and unmatched durability.

Pearl Snap Rope


The Pearl Snap, is a nylon / poly blend with a small 3/8 diameter feel. The bright color makes it visible for both headers and heelers. It’s quick and balanced with lots of tip weight and it holds its shape in any weather you’ll face. This is the rope you want in your hands.

Chief Rope


This highly visible, nylon / poly rope has a smaller diameter and softer feel, but it’s packed with great body, making it easy to handle and extremely forgiving. If your rope needs a promotion, it doesn’t get any higher than Chief.

Score Rope


The score is a full body core rope that comes in a bright, greenish-blue. We’ve added a little poly to give it great weight and durability that provides outstanding balance for both headers and heelers.

8XC Rope


Made from 100% nylon, the 8XC is one of our lightest core ropes. It’s a little smaller in diameter but carries a lot of tip weight. The heel rope has a perfect balance of weight and size. Made for and endorsed by 8-Time PRCA World Champion Speed Williams.

Kids Ropes

Blue Sky Rope


The Blue Sky is a balanced rope formulated to be an easy swing for every type of roper. It feels great in your hand and grips the horns even better. This richly colored, bright blue rope comes in a 4 and 5 strand head rope plus a 4 strand heel.

Smallfry Rope


Got a youngster who’s ready to rope? This 1/4”, 18 foot kid’s rope is the perfect rope for young beginners. It’s the smallest rope we offer but make no mistake, we pack just as much in to this rope as we do the ones the big boys throw.

*Rope may come in a variety of colors including Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink, and Green (based on availability).

Buckaroo Rope


At 5/16” and 31 feet, the Buckaroo is an extra-soft rope that stands tall and strong against any youth rope you compare it to. Start your young buck with this rope and he / she should be set up for many years of success.

*Rope may come in a variety of colors including Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink, and Green (based on availability).

Colt Rope


Nothing bucks like the Colt! This kid’s rope is built at 5/16″ and is the perfect lariat for young ropers who love to let it fly.

*Rope may come in a variety of colors including Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink, and Green (based on availability).

Chicken Rope


Top Hand’s Chicken Rope is a 100% Nylon 15′ rope. It’s the perfect rope for the smallest ropers or the smallest targets.

*Rope may come in a variety of colors including Natural, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink, and Green (based on availability).